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By: Olive J. Kelley

When reluctant IPF Lieutenant Sebastian Wilder performs a confidential check-in on a top-secret lab, the last thing he expects to find is a highly illegal cloning facility that manufactures identical girls as products for the filthy rich. When he rescues the sole remaining 'product' on a split-decision, cutting all ties with his employer, he triggers a chain reaction that hurdles him and the girl on the run across the galaxy.

Sebastian taps into an encrypted line to the violent rebel sect threatening the galactic government. The man on the other end seems suspicious- and for good reasons- but as Sebastian relinquishes valuable information his ex-employer would execute him for, the two start an ill-advised relationship across galactic allegiances.

With not only Sebastian's life in danger, but those of his ward and confidant too, every step away from the IPF is of infinite importance. But while Sebastian knows what he's running from, what is his end goal? What does survival- and above that, freedom- look like for a guilt-ridden defector like him?

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