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As the Light Goes Out

As the Light Goes Out

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By: Olive J. Kelley

When Boston born and bred Simon Abbott buys an obsolete lighthouse on the coast of Maine, he envisions turning it into a short-term rental with nothing but a HGTV understanding of renovation and heaps of gay audacity. The current caretaker of the lighthouse, Bruce Cadogan, sees right through Simon's confidence and, in a last ditch attempt to save his quaint New England hometown's charm, asks for three days to convince Simon not to go through with his plan, or he'll help him with the renovations himself.

What follows is nothing either man expected- A violent ocean storm brings them together for a night, which turns into a day, and another day; by the time Simon's three days are up, he's saddled with feelings for the other man, and Bruce can't help but wish Simon would stay. With the lighthouse standing between them, the two men have to choose between nurturing the new spark into a flame, or their original agreement, returning to the lives they led before.

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