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Diogo Martins

Christmas Will Forever Be Your Season

Christmas Will Forever Be Your Season

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By: Mo Melo

This book is for my ex-it could be you!If you Google "Mo Melo," you won't find anything. He doesn't exist. But if you say my pen name out loud three times and it sounds familiar, maybe this book is about you. If you are confused, don't worry. This book is also for all the hopeless romantics, the ones with broken hearts, the ones seeking approval from their families, and those who realize they are codependent. As you follow my journey, you will experience the five stages of grief with me: the desperation to get my ex back, the frustration of losing someone I love, the realization that there is still hope for reconciliation, the heartbreak of seeing the most mundane things and being reminded of him, and finally, the acceptance that some break-ups are new endings.

Every passage is a love letter. A cup of coffee symbolizes a ritual. A slice of mushroom means a smile. A Diet Coke Christmas ornament. A Hallmark Christmas movie. By combining all these love letters I'm unable to send, I can share my story and confront the difficult questions that come with healing. Was he the love of my life? Does the one exist? Will I ever go a day without thinking about him? Will we be together in the future? I invite you to read this story and take a peek into my world. You can learn from my heartbreak while you laugh-maybe even cry-and, most importantly, say, "Ew, love."

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