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Dissonant State

Dissonant State

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By: Jo Miles

A unique, compelling, and hopeful space opera, Dissonant State is sure to delight fans of Ann Leckie, Becky Chambers, and Martha Wells.

Kay Wilder despises Ravel Corporation, whose occupation of her home planet left Kay with a useful but debilitating power to hear others' emotions. Unlike her brother Jasper, an activist who fights corporate injustice, Kay has always stayed as far away from the corporate states as possible.

Until now. Because Ravel has kidnapped her brother, and the only way Kay can help him is to go undercover working for the enemy.

Forced to lie about what Ravel did to her home, it's harder and lonelier than Kay could have imagined, until she finds an unexpected ally: a sentient ship who hates working for Ravel as much as she does, who will risk discovery and destruction to help their first and only friend.

But the risks are far greater than Kay's and Ship's safety. To save Jasper, she may have to let another world suffer her home's fate-and betray the cause her brother has risked his life for.

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