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How Will I Know

How Will I Know

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By: Marc Renson

Michael Monroe is about to turn thirty and is going nowhere-literally. His car just broke down, he's lost his job, his boyfriend dumped him, and he has $442.62 left to his name. Not a good look for the only son of Olivia Monroe, the ultrarich owner of the Daisy Diamond empire. Olivia left Michael to financially fend for himself after an arrest during his college years embarrassed the family, and he's failing miserably. Rejected, frustrated, and lost, Michael screams, "What am I doing wrong? Just give me a sign!" to the universe, never dreaming he'll get an answer. Even more shocking is who delivers it: his very own guardian angel, the iconic and forever-feisty Whitney Houston.

Chaos ensues when a psychic picks up on Whitney's presence at Michael's new job and a film crew captures the interaction. Thus begins a magical, spiritual journey that takes Michael, his best friend Lucy, and even his mother on a whirlwind adventure with Whitney from their everyday life in Manhattan through the Florida Keys, complete with stalking news reporters, inquisitive FBI agents, and swirling social media fans. With her own brand of charm, mischief, and mayhem, Whitney helps Michael discover his path and teaches him that anything is possible-if you just believe.

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