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By: Lou Wilham

Sometimes the hunter becomes the hunted.

Overworked, and underappreciated, Eric Marcelino just wants to hunt the vampires plaguing Ironport, keep his students out of the field, and somehow make it home in enough time to get a full 8 hours of sleep. . . maybe 6.

Tony McMahon and his sister arrive in Ironport looking for a fresh start. Only Tony didn't count on the instant attraction he feels toward the Huntsman's golden boy, Eric, nor being drawn into an ancient prophecy set to end the Huntsman forever.

Something strange is brewing in Ironport. With bloodsuckers, the Council of Creatures, and his students breathing down his neck, Eric has to wonder if he's in over his head and if a potential boyfriend might be the final nail in his coffin. This is gonna suck.

Overkill is a mm paranormal romance perfect for fans of Buffy, and DN Bryn's Guides for Vampires.

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