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Ravenous State

Ravenous State

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By: Jo Miles

Their families call them the Gifted. They call themselves the Lost. And to everyone outside Brennex, they were just ordinary people-until now.

Libbi Wilder is the good daughter. While her older siblings have traveled the galaxy having adventures, she's stayed home to keep the family store afloat. Someone has to, after all.

One day a stranger shows up at the store, and soon people Libbi's age-the Lost Generation-begin going missing. Libbi and her best friend Mixin set out to investigate, but they've barely gotten started when her siblings swoop in to save the day-without being asked, reigniting old resentments. Libbi knows she'll always be the baby of the family, but if she can solve the disappearances, maybe she can finally win her siblings' respect.

But the truth behind the kidnappings is even more dangerous than she feared. With the secret of their generation's psychic gifts now exposed, Libbi will have to rally all the Losts-and harder still, work with her brother and sister-to keep their planet from falling back under Ravel Corporation's control in this thrilling conclusion to the Gifted of Brennex trilogy.


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