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Warped State

Warped State

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By: Jo Miles

An optimistic, heart-filled space opera that's like Star Trek meets LeverageWarped State will delight fans of Ann Leckie, Malka Older, and Martha Wells.

Jasper Wilder has a secret: the ability to see the relationships between people. Though his gift has served him well as an activist, it's an unwelcome remnant of the corporate occupation of his home planet. When he finds out that Ravel Corporation has revived the deadly research project that brought tragedy to his generation, Jasper vows to stop it, no matter the cost.

On Ravel's research planet, he's drawn to Sowing of Small Havoc, a brilliant local activist who would be an ally except for his frustrating loyalty to the corporation. For Havoc, Jasper's expertise could be a game-changer-if only he could trust the man's intentions.

If Jasper sticks to his plan, Havoc will get blamed. But if he doesn't, Havoc's entire planet will suffer. And meanwhile, corporate security is out to destroy them both. To stop the project, Jasper may have to sacrifice the person he's coming to care about... unless they can find a way to team up.

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